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St Hieritha
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St Hieritha is the patron saint of Chittlehampton, Devon and a depiction of her was commissioned and is now in Phoenix. The work shows her flower the scarlet pimpernel and the well that gushed forth where she died.
She is said to have been killed by harvesters on the way from Stowford to the Chittlehampton cross at the instignation of her step mother.
Over the ages the name of the well has become St Teara's and the water was used by the adjoining cottages until the main water came through the village in the 1950's.
A hymn was found of which the first verse was:
Quotidiene lux diei
protulit ad laudem dei
Uritha memoriam
Haec pudica et formosa
Sua vita vertuosa
Haec puella etiam
St Hieritha's day is July 8th