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Faeries in the Cornfield
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This is called Faeries in the Cornfield. I started work on it in September 2005 and finished in November 2006 but I had already begun thinking about it in March 2005.
(The piece is probably 4 feet high)
I was walking along the Taynuit road and I noticed there were no cornfields to be seen and gradually a whole story built up in my mind of how the fairies stole the cornfields. So that's how it began.
On the bottom part you can see as it is at the end of the Balindore road, this is what you can see with all the wild flowers, the greenery and the gatepost, and the marvelous drystone wall. The drystone wall is composed of 50 stones and 200 colours, a magical piece of work.
The fairies then take control, these are the ones who have taken all the cornfields away and above the wall gradually there is a transition from what is to what might be. You can seen the fairies playing in the cornfield, flying around and enjoying themselves in the cornfield.