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It is a complicated piece, it began when I was walking down by Airds Bay and saw the spirals the casts of the lugworms made in the mud. I thought this would make an interesting piece.
Then I read Prof. Henderson's book Art of the Picts and it also showed the squiggles on the standing stones, I became conscious that this was a very primative design.
It was difficult to work. It is done in cross stitch in two tones of aquamarine, and in the centre I placed a seahorse.
The seahorse in peculiar in its sexual reproduction the male and the female both carry the young and all of a sudden from the centre of the body the millions and the thousands of seahorses explode out of the body into the swirling waves. It is most thrilling.
Unfortunately when I was working on this piece the tsunami near Indonesia occured and all of a suden I got a sense of forboding.
The reproduction was just a very simple effect but it gradually became unpleasant and when you look at this piece you see the sea horse as if it is frowning and it has a sense of unfortunate results.
My mind goes back to when St. Patrick was in Ireland. He has heard about Osian. Now Osian was a musician, a dancer and an entertainer. He was beloved of the people. The little people said to Osian come to the land of Tir Nan Og and entertain us night and day your singing and dancing will please us.So Osian went to Tir Nan Og.
St.Patrick heard of this and sent word he would like to meet Osian, beloved of the people.
But St. Patrick began to doubt that Osian's influence might distort the view of what he wanted to present.
Osian said St. Patrick must be a good man I shall go and visit him and he came on the sea shore. The little people said to him don't touch the ground, stay on the white horse. Osian went to St. Patrick and St. Patrick went to meet him but he pushed Osian who found himself falling into the waves.
The little people were horified and said we will change you into a seahorse and so thousands and millions splashed into the waves and when you hear the waves you can hear Osian..Osian..Osian... and it's the seahorses washing themselves in the surf and spray.